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Earls Kitchen + Bar
Station Square

Client / Earls Kitchen + Bar

Location / Burnaby, Canada

Architecture / KRA

Interior Design / Earls In-House Design Team

Contractor / Summit Brooke Construction

Photography / Jamie Anholt

Opening in Burnaby's Station Square redevelopment in 2019, Earls Kitchen + Bar Station Square is a modern, lively atmosphere. As Architect of Record, KRA teamed with Earls' in-house interior design team to design the restaurant.

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Earls Station Square seats 287 guests, including 88 on an elevated seasonal patio. The design of the new Earls reflects Burnaby’s diverse global community making use of vibrant colours, bold geometry, metal work, and an abundance of plants. A curated gallery wall produced in collaboration with the Burnaby Arts Council features modern art created by local artists from Burnaby and Province-wide.

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KRA’s responsibilities as both Prime Consultant and Coordinating Registered Professional on the project included design development, consultant coordination, construction documentation, tender assistance, and construction administration.

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