North Vancouver Urgent and Primary Care Centre

North Vancouver Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Client  ·  Seymour Health
Location  ·  North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Completion  ·  2019

Architecture  ·  KRA
Interior Design  ·  KRA
Construction Management  ·  Counterpoint Construction

The new North Vancouver Urgent Primary Care Centre was comprised of the following: pharmacy, laboratory/phlebotomy, x-ray, minor treatment, exam rooms, stretcher bay, offices, reception and waiting area, triage assess, and related support and supply rooms.

The colour scheme and material finishes speak to the local landscape of the North Shore with wood paneling inspired by the trees, a flooring pattern inspired by the ebb and flow of the tides, and a pale green and blue colour scheme reflecting the earth and sky. Additionally, a large-scale mural graphic depicts the misty North Vancouver mountains.

A key driver of the design was the early decision to maximize natural daylight in common spaces. Exam rooms were strategically located inboard for patient privacy, allowing the care team station, reception, waiting areas, treatment bays, pharmacy, and all main circulation spaces to receive abundant natural daylight. The result was that nearly all spaces within the Care Centre are connected through natural light. From the point of entry to the time of exiting, visitors move through a space illuminated by daylight.

Photography  by Lila Bujold