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Herschel Supply Co.
Flagship Store

Client / Herschel Canada

Location / Vancouver, Canada

Architecture / KRA

Interior Design / OAO + KRA

Construction Management / Bon Constructors

Photography / Britney Gill

Herschel Supply Co. Flagship store opened its doors in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood in 2014. Located within a strict heritage designated building, the project posed unique challenges by merging a contemporary aesthetic with interior elements original to the building that must be maintained due to their heritage value.

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The design of the store was a collaborative effort between KRA, Omer Arbel Office, and Herschel’s in-house retail design team.

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The interior boasts a bright contemporary flair that contrasts with the heritage nature of the old brick building. Wood materials were used extensively for floors, walls, and merchandise displays. An “infinity room” with wall-to-wall mirrors creates limitless reflections while showcasing products.

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The cashier area features a sculptured aluminum counter and lighting overhang inspired by the intricate complexities of coral reefs.

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The rear of the store was retained as a patio-like open retail space with the entire brick wall reconstructed. Floor-to-ceiling sliding windows open to provide fresh air and views of the North Shore mountains.

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Acting as Prime Consultant and Architect of Record, KRA provided a full scope of architectural services from project start to completion, as well as design assistance along with Omer Arbel Office, preparation of a Conservation Report for the heritage designated building, landlord and strata coordination, and City permit applications.

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The resulting space finds harmony between the modern and historic, complementing each other and allowing the Herschel products to remain the focus.