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58 Jackson

Client / Kask Development

Location / Vancouver, BC

Completion / In Progress

Architecture / KRA

Interior Design / KRA

58 Jackson is located in Vancouver’s Railtown district. KRA was retained in 2018 to redevelop the site into a creative industrial building under the City’s Innovative I-4 Zoning criteria.

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The original site featured an 8300 sq. ft warehouse/office building situated on a 10,500 sq. ft lot.

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The proposed redevelopment includes a six-storey building (with three-storey parkade) with contained commercial spaces for retail and café, creative manufacturing, and creative office space.

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Inspired by Railtown’s historical character as well as new buildings that reflect the local vernacular, the design for 58 Jackson employs robust massing with modest width-to-height proportions, durable materials, and balanced window-to-wall ratios.

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KRA drew inspiration from the robust cladding materials used in the area, such as brick, steel, and concrete. The design seeks to balance durable cladding with light and glassy openings that reflect a contemporary industrial aesthetic.

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To support and preserve the viability of the industrial space, as well as benefit the growing Railtown community, KRA also proposed an activated pedestrian space by placing public/interactive spaces such as retail and café/restaurants at the ground level.